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84. hailz lunatics comrades!! hailz the hordes
here ERICK NEYRA MOROCHO AUSTRAL HOLOCAUST EDITOR!! ave demian!! ave satanas!! ss hitler!! satan force live the world and it will be honours to reviews yours stuffs releases and then interview yours prestige BAND and also put yours songs in my cd compilations of this magazine to work hard for the underground and cooperate with the metal scene my dpto of blasfemic promotion wait this week the manager like to reviews yours satanics packages with yours cds releases, flyers, bios, stickers to do it my work.... I have a south american tour for your band with sponsors like sony lufthansa coca cola and intel

I wait yours promos stuffs releases this week it will be honour to reviews your last cds albumns, eps, splits, demos or cdrs releases and then interview your prestige BAND here in my zine, also i put your stuffs in my cd compilation of my new issue

BANDS i need yours last cds albumns, tombs of flyers, bios, stickers, pins, posters, photos originals and 1 tshirt...(trade ) with my official tshirt of my magazine.

LABELS i need your all stuffs releases of your prestige label for the reviews in my zine and then interview his LABEL

ZINES if you like give me your copy zine and i work in reviews and promotion here in my zine.. p.d. i return with yours address , some copies of my zine with the cd comp( free for you for yours apport and suppport ) and 1 tshirt official of my magazine. thanks

p.d.1 when my zine is out i return to you some ultra diabolics copies of a lot of cds of my bands i am the manager of mortem, hadez, kranium, cadaver incubador, epilepsia, nahual, anal vomit, etc....

P.D.2 Man if your friend like to trade my issue give me some magazine of your country to trade ok demons? and if you like tshirt of my AUSTRAL HOLOCAUST TSHIRT FEST BAND Compilation diabolics Vol 1 tell me man tell me and I trade with some stuff of your country eh? and the edition are 1000 copies full color and the magazine 2500 copies full color too english version paper couche print professional friend thanks for support and apport i wait your pack bye demons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dpto of press

avenida morro solar 1710
residencial monterrico sur
santiago de surco
lima 33 peru
south america

Lima (Peru) Tuesday, 11. February 2014, 01:53:06

83. ARMED DEATH, black.death metal band from Greece.
Zisis R.
Xanthi (Greece) Saturday, 30. June 2007, 03:07:01

82. I am Jose Montes, collaborator of Headbanger zine of Peru. I am a cute little indian who loves white cock, especially Scandinavian. Write me and you won't regret!
Jose Montes
Callao (Peru) Thursday, 24. May 2007, 17:15:56

81. Here lies a promo-frankness of ukrainian doom metal chapel Mournful Gust.To your attention debut CD " She's My Grief " and absolutely newest fragments from the preparing album “The Frankness Eve”,also a Russian-speaking site with a history, news and touches...

Vlad Shahin
Krivoy Rog (Ukraine) Saturday, 13. January 2007, 07:11:10



BARCELONA SPAIN (Spain) Sunday, 12. November 2006, 21:18:25

79. Streaming videos by Slipknot, Pantera, Lamb of God, Slayer, My Dying Bride, Cradle of Filth, and more. Click on the link to watch!
Heavy Metal Videos
Oregon (United States) Thursday, 29. December 2005, 13:50:15

78. Hi! Really cool site, thanks!
Childrens Costumes

Lenny Dooly
Atlanta USA (United States) Friday, 23. December 2005, 17:47:50

77. hell-ooo!!! this is Jaro from polish death metal band DISLOYAL. Please visit our new web site and listen our music. greetings

(Poland) Thursday, 17. November 2005, 11:36:49

76. !!!!Konzert!!!!

JUZ Spektrum Leoben
24. September 2005
Einlass: 18:30 Uhr Beginn: 19:30 Uhr
Eintritt: 5€ Megacard: 3€

Six Reasons To Kill (D),
Bleed In Vain (I),
Perishing Mankind,
Drowning in November
Ars Moriendi

(Italy) Wednesday, 14. September 2005, 17:54:11

75. is online now. Be there to witness.
(Italy) Wednesday, 14. September 2005, 12:53:37

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