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Mastic Scum Mastic Scum
Seeds of Sorrow Seeds of Sorrow
Brutal, aggressive, tidal wave-like streams of sound. Seeds of Sorrow mark the innovative yet definite answer to the High Speed Brutal Death Metal hip.
thal thal
Sci Fi Rock that grows as an alien on the planet of New Wave, dressed in Pop yet bearing in its essence the groove of a compact Hardcore combo and the ability to toy with funky elements and rise towards the levels of Industrial sonorities: this is thal's crazy world, in which cool, metallic riffs and grooves meet adrenalinic vocals and synth generated walls of sound.

Demonware Distribution

Art of Fear Art of Fear
Power Metal
Cautery Cautery
Hardcore/Noise together with vocals comprising the full range of Sinatra-like to Psycho-like styles
Demolition Demolition
Melodious power metal
Neon Knights Neon Knights
Refreshing True Metal
Pensive Lane Pensive Lane
Rampage Changed Rampage
Old School Death Metal
Räumungsalarm! Räumungsalarm!
Musik gegen Rechts.
Rock'n'Roll's Voice Rock'n'Roll's Voice
Hardrock & Blues
Slaveson Slaveson
The music of Slaveson is a combination of aggressive and melodic elements. A mixture of heavy death metal and thrash metal influences.
Stiletto Stiletto
The Voice of Rock...
Stone 588 Stone 588
Guitar Gothic with brilliant female vocals
Wings of Destiny Wings of Destiny
Eigenständiger und gefühlvoller Gothic-Rock mit leichten Metal-Elementen und female vocals.
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