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The Record Label

Demonware Records, founded in 1997 by Hannes Dorn, is an independent record label that strives to support young emerging underground artists. Located in Vienna, its main activity takes place in and around Austria's capital city. However, through an extensive network, Demonware already went beyond geographical boundaries of its homecountry.

Although we are working as a profit oriented organization, the company does not limit the creativity of supported artists by any means. Our common goal is to work within the Underground using knowhow, guidelines and techniques of the mainstream or commercial world.

Currently the underground network consistently lacks of any common organizational ground. Artists, organizers and costumers are brought together only by chance. In creating a communication and distribution platform we tend to enable talented bands and performers to reach a brighter audience.

Demonware products and activities are geared towards customer expectations and are produced under the use of newest techniques and warefull cheurs. Products range from audio CDs and Tapes to T-Shirts, Posters, Fungear, Fanzines and Lyric Scripts to website design and support, corporate identity creation and many more.

Demonwares targeted audience is the whole world. No matter where you live - we're just a click away...

The Website

This Website, started in February 1998, carries complete information about all bands affiliated with Demonware Records. You get frequent news updates, information of upcoming events and backgroud information on the bands. You can download exclusive MP3 files for free and then go to our online store to purchase the items. It works with secure connections and all your orders will be processed within few days. There are newspaper reviews about CDs and concerts, interviews with the bands and a gallery of live and official pictures, which you may not find anywhere else.

Through our highspeed internet provider, fast access from all over the world is guaranteed. The pages are generated by's unique iPage Website System, which allows changes and updates of the whole website within minutes.

Please notice that this site is subject to continuous evolution programs. Check out our newsform to keep in touch.

The Partners

NSM Records -
Distribution - Austria -
Website design and programming

Wild One Music -
Recording Studio

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