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Demonware Records

Hauptstraße 28
A-3375 Krummnußbaum

t: +43 (1) 216 57 89

Hannes Dorn
General Manager
Mobile: +43 (676) 405 94 29

Copyright Issues

This Website is made by Demonware and is protected by copyright law.

The information is checked conscientious, but Demonware does not claim correctness and completeness of it.

If we get in conflict with copyright law, we ask to get in contact with us to correct the discrepancy. Any possible copyright violations were not intended.

Copying and printing of this information for private purposes is allowed. For publishing as a whole or in parts in any media a written permission of Demonware is required

Demonware and Demonware Records is a Hannes Dorn trademark.

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