Neon Knights - Deserted Land 


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Neon Knights - Deserted Land

Artikel type: CD
Released: 06.1998
Released by: Estragon Records
Catalog number: NKPM20001
Total playing time: 56:31

Produced by Neon Knights & Emiliano Nanni
Recorded and mixed at the Noise House Studios - Bologna (march-april 1998)
Engineered by Lorenzo Ori & Lucio Pirani
Mastered by Stefano Malaguti
Cover art by Dejan Slavuljica
Photos by Lana Tomic
Graphic design by Mirza Cehajic - MC & Emir Hot
Copyright by Neon Knights
Published by Estragon Records, Italy

Now it's the right time for this album. Refreshing True Metal from Bosnia. Worth trying.

Price is Euro 14,00
Price is ATS 192,64


1. I See The Light 05:44
2. Rose In The Silence (My Own Way) 04:45 Download (2270772 bytes)
3. Of The Sinking Town 06:35
4. My Lucky Star 05:13
5. Book Of Destiny 03:13
6. Feeling Freedome 05:34
7. Since You Have Been Gone 05:25
8. Children Of Nature 05:39
9. Deserted Land 06:25
10. On The Way To Sky 07:48
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