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Band Foto.jpg Nenad Kerosevic
Tarik Imamovic
Elvedin Begovic
Edvard Bisof
Mario Vilusic


Neon Knights are one of the most important rock bands from Balcans. This band, from Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina), was born in 1994 during the war in former Yugoslavia. Although this situation and because of their great passion for music, the acknowledges and the professionality of the band has grown up strongly.

Now Neon Knights are an important reality. In 1995 they played in Tuzla for 7.000 fans at the sport hall, they performed in several happenings and they have already organized their first tour in Italy in September 1997. About new european tour, Neon Knights have been invited to take part at the international festival in Paris (St. Denis) during the Soccer World Cup and we are planning dates in Italy, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden and Spain for the period summer/autumn 1998.

This is a young band, influenced by 80s-bands like Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Rainbow up to new features such as Stratovarius, Angra and Dream Theater, In their songs (strictly in English) they link themselves to their favourite bands and what they have done in the story of this genre. Neon Knights are: Emir Hot (guitars), Mario Vilusic (bass), Nenad Kerosevic (drums), Elvedin Begovic (guitars), Tarik Imamovic (keyboards) and Edvard Bisof (vocals).

Neon Knights have just released their first album "Deserted Land" in collaboration with the Estragon label from Italy. This is a 10 track full length record and we are working to create a distribution net covering Europe and Japan. We must underline that this album is the first one in the history of Tuzla and, if we think about metal, probably of whole former Yugoslavia.

Neon Knights

Deserted Land (06.1998)
Now it's the right time for this album. Refreshing True Metal from Bosnia. Worth trying.
CD Euro 14,00
ATS 192,64

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