bandfoto.jpg Thomas Haugeneder - Guitars, Vocals
Paul Zwittag - Drums
Silvia Heinzl - Bass
Gunter Roth - Vocals


The Austrian band Slaveson was formed in 1998. The members (Thomas Haugeneder (guitar, vocals), Silvia Heinzl (bass), Paul Zwittag (drums), Wolfgang Seyr (vocals)) had already played in other bands before. The aim of Slaveson was to play aggressive brutal music which could be best described as a combination of thrash and death metal. The debut MCD named "Dawn of Decay" was recorded in winter 1999; violent death/thrash with superior sound quality. In spring 1999 the line-up of the band changed, and Gunter Roth became the new vocalist. Since this the music shows even stronger death metal influences. Slaveson proved with their many live gigs (e.g. Vienna, Linz, Germany,...) that they are are able to amaze their audience with a powerful stage performance.

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Drowning in bloodred streams (2001) CDR
Misanthropy (2000) CDR Demo
Dawn of Decay (03.1999)
The debut album of this young austrian band which combines brutality and aggression with melodic parts. Violent Metal with amazing sound quality.
MCD Euro 9,00
ATS 123,84

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