Seeds of Sorrow 


Band Foto.jpg Alex Aigner - Vocals
Sigurd Krieger - Guitar
David Guger - Guitars
Markus Marath - Bass
Tomas Zonyga - Drums


The Band.

It was more than 5 years ago when these guys decided to take up arms and create a new and incredible musical entity based on speed, technical skills and the faible for the ironic side of insanity: Seeds of Sorrow was born. Aiming to record and release their first material as soon as possible, the band went straight into the studio to rehearse for their first album "Final Blast". The energy, the row power and the purity contained in this album were the keyfacts that convinced Demonwware Records to sign Seeds of Sorrow on their rooster.

The Past.

What followed were years of hard work, a fast growing fanbase in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and exploding onstage perfomances - more than 100 concerts with the likes of Vader, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Sinister, Infernal Majesty, Dark Funeral and Krabathor, with great old school metal bands like Manowar, Overkill, Saxon, Sodom, and some stunning acts at huge festivals throughout Europe- Donauinselfest in Vienna (the biggest music festival in Europe), Freeparty Vienna (audience: more than 150.000 people!), Nuclear Storm Festival (Czech Republic), Rock in Allhau (A), etc.

The Album.

The beginning of 1999 marked the release of their last and obviously most powerful opus: "Bleeding Eyes" offers 9 tracks which cover a really wide spectrum of different sounds and atmospheres combined to great musical arrangements. This album best deserves the "state of the art" attribute if you think of this unique mixture of extremely heavy parts and melodic
moments. You will surely be posessed by the demonic groove that emanates from songs like "Kinderf*cker" (the inofficial Seeds of Sorrow anthem!), "Under my skin" and of course "Bleeding Eyes".

SEEDS OF SORROW - Proud to awaken the wicked that's in you...

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Seeds of Sorrow

Phoenix Rising (01.03.2001) MCDR Euro 9,00
ATS 123,84
Foreskin Tea Time Tour T-Shirt (04.2000)
Official Tour T-Shirt
T-Shirt Euro 11,00
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Sado Maso Franzi T-Shirt (08.1999) T-Shirt Euro 11,00
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Kinderfxxxer T-Shirt (rosa) (13.08.1999) T-Shirt Euro 11,00
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Sado Maso Franzi T-Shirt (rosa) (13.08.1999) T-Shirt Euro 11,00
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Bleeding Eyes (11.1998)
Death Metal at its best. Brutal heavy, but still melodic. With 24 pages full color poster booklet and multimedia show.
CD+ Euro 14,00
ATS 192,64
Lay Down to Die T-Shirt (22.10.1998)
Front: B&W Logo of Seeds of Sorrow
Back: Black & Red text: "... and now I laugh about the times when I believed in god and christ ..." + Seeds of Sorrow.
T-Shirt Euro 11,00
ATS 151,36
Kinderfxxxer T-Shirt (09.1998)
Black and white T-Shirt. Front shows Seeds of Sorrow Logo. Back shows Kinderfxxxer and SEEDS OF SORROW.
T-Shirt Euro 11,00
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Judgement Day (02.1998) Tape Demo
Final Blast (12.1995) CD
S.O.S Live - Back from the Death Tape Live Demo

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