Stone 588 


Band Foto.jpg Terri Kennedy - Vocals
Dave Rhine - Guitar
Eileen Bow - Bass
Mike Burton - Drums


Formed in 1992 in Fullerton, California by guitarist Dave Rhine and vocalist Terri Kennedy, Stone 588's brooding, intense, tribal sound has ist roots in the early '80's post-punk era of Killing Joke and Siouxsie and the Banshees, traversing a dimly lit path of rhythmic darkness. Comprised of ferocious rhythms and sinuous, liquid guitars awash with rippling, cavernous sounds emanating from beneath a murky depth, Stone 588's songs explore nocturnal emotions with vocals ranging from sensually captivating to fiercely yhilling. Stone 588 draws their name from the legend of the Druid's Altar in County Cork, Southern Ireland. Under the stone circle, the cremated body of an infant, a human sacrifice, was found conclealed in large urn, whose burial dates back to c588 B.C. Stone 588 has shared bills with acts such as Shadow Project, Rozz Williams, Human Drama, Eva O., Cradle of Thorns, Usherhouse, Prophetess, Last Dance, Astro Vamps, This Ascension, Babyland, and Dave Vanian. The band's individual members who have lent their talents to other musical projects are Terry Kennedy who performed as a backing vocalist for Faith & the Muse on the 1995 U.S. Procession tour and Eileen Bowe who is the vocalist/guitarist for Dichroic Mirror.

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Stone 588

Door in the Dragon's Throat (11.1995)
If you like Siouxie and the Banshees, you like this one, too.
CD Euro 14,00
ATS 192,64
Catharsis (01.1995) Tape
Eden Lost (12.1994) Tape
Eyes of a Statue (10.1993) Tape
Nightwork CD Digipack

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