Band Foto.jpg Stevie Gruber - Vocals, Guitar
Achim Guth - Guitar
Thomas Gerstbrein - Bass
Mario Pagani - Exclusively playing PREMIER drums


thal's big comeback, one year after the release of "Eighteen Scorpii", is their third album entitled "The Candyman Club". Whereas the former CD could still be considered as a tasteful interpretation of modern Gothic Rock, with their recent work thal have taken another step forwards and introduce us with their version of what may well become the sound of rock at the dawning of the new millennium.

The band thal was founded in november 1995 and just a few months later, in march 1996, presented its first MCD "Tales of Obedience" (Demonware Records). Several live performances followed, with positive response from the audience that boosted the band members' enthusiasm and will to continue working hard on the improvement of their technical skills and own peculiar musical style.

In 1997 they recorded the album "Eighteen Scorpii" (Demonware Records). Upon conclusion of the studio sessions the band felt the urge to get back on stage and experience live performance and confrontation with their growing audience and its' expectations. The following "Twin Solar Star Tour" took them successfully through Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and, of course, Austria.

In 1998 "Eighteen Scorpii" was officially released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland via Poison Ivy Records/Novatekk/SPV Distributions while other European countries were covered using the vast underground mailorder net. The "Twin Solar Star Tour"also continued.

February 1999 marked the beginning of the recording sessions for their actual production "The Candyman Club", which took place at Viennas' famous "Jack Daniel's Studios" and lasted until the end of July.

"The Candyman Club" is a heavy, innovative and commercially interesting work that definitely breaks boundaries in terms of style and form.

One of the album's highlights, "Solid Rubber Soul", has already started to gain consent in both alternative clubs and radio stations and will perfectly suit television programs such as MTV's Alternative Nation, Viva's Overdrive and VH1's Rock Clock.

Faith No More, White Zombie, Tool, Filter, Tiamat and Ministry fans will be positively surprised by the highly developed image, the stunning stage acting and that kind of talent which allows the band to cope with many different sounds and styles in an easy and natural way.
Listeners of a different kind will be enticed by an album which can satisfy their curiosity like few others.

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The Candyman Club (2000)
Sci Fi Rock that grows as an alien on the planet of New Wave, dressed in Pop yet bearing in its essence the groove of a compact Hardcore combo and the ability to toy with funky elements and rise towards the levels of Industrial sonorities: this is thal's crazy world, in which cool, metallic riffs and grooves meet adrenalinic vocals and synth generated walls of sound.
CD Euro 14,00
ATS 192,64
Live 24.11.1998 (15.12.1998) CDR
Die Weihnachtsplatte (12.1998)
Special limited release for fans and VIPs only. Five tracks from the past, the present and the future. Not available for any price.
eighteen scorpii 98 (1998)
The European wide re-release of Thal´s major debut. The Twin Solar Star.
CD Euro 11,00
ATS 151,36
eighteen scorpii Longsleeve (08.1998)
Black Longsleeve T-Shirt with full color printing.
T-Shirt Euro 15,00
ATS 206,40
stellar spectra T-Shirt (08.1998) T-Shirt Euro 11,00
ATS 151,36
twin solar star tourposter (08.1998)
Signed poster from the twin solar star tour.
Gimmick Euro 5,00
ATS 68,80
eighteen scorpii beer mat (05.1998)
True color beer mat with the CD cover of eighteen scorpii. Made of pasteboard.
Gimmick Euro 1,00
ATS 13,76
Crew Tour Sweatshirt (1998)
Official Crew Tour Sweatshirt, only available for our girlies & roadies.
Brain Forest (1998) CDR Single
eighteen scorpii (11.1997)
Thal´s major debut. A sharp glance into the light of the unknown Sun. A fluent, infinite, bizarre yet hardedged lesson in how to project the gloomy side of metal into a new millennium.
MCD Euro 11,00
ATS 151,36
Tales of Obedience (10.1996)
The first demo of this outstanding band: a journey through aeons of sound between warm feelings and mellow awakenings.
MCDR Euro 9,00
ATS 123,84

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